The Quarter Inch Society

Welcome to The Quarter Inch Society!

With both machines doing allovers these days my mind has been on overdrive thinking of things to do.  I had this crazy thought a long time ago about a Quarter Inch Society so I hope you will find this beneficial to you and will want to join along. 
Here are all of the details:
First of all – you get to pick your quarter:   Jan 1 – March 31, 2017 (Studio date:  Tues, Feb 7th from 930-230) OR April 1 – June 30, 2017 (Studio Date:  Sat, June 3rd from 10-3).
Once you pick your quarter, these will be the benefits to you as a member during that quarter:

1.       25% off all Dream batting – this can be pre-packaged batting to use on a project at home or for any quilts you bring to be long armed.  Remember, I can order many different types of batting in many sizes so this is a great benefit.

2.       25% off all Extra Wide fabrics, minky or flannel fabrics I have for sale.  My prices range from $7-$15/yard which is already a great deal but then you get another 25% off that price during your quarter.

3.       10% off all longarm services during your quarter.  Limited to allover quilting only.

4.       You will be allowed 1 rush order with no extra charge (this could be valuable during that last quarter of the year).  Limited to allover quilting only.

5.       All Aurifil large cones of thread will be only $8.25 per spool.  These retail from $12-$15 per spool so this is a great savings to you.  If you have never used Aurifil you will love it in your sewing machine.  It is low lint, doesn’t jam, feeds beautifully and stitches like butter.

6.       Any other fun items that I discover that are for sale in my studio will be 25% off.  I sometimes carry Gingher scissors, applique glue, etc.

7.       And finally, you get to come sew with me in my studio on the Studio Date for your quarter.  You can work on any project you would like to bring.  I will keep you full with yummy food, treats, beverages (non-alcoholic) and you also get a goody to take home.  In addition, a special guest will stop by to visit with you and perhaps share some show and tell or even sign autographs.  And if that is not enough, for those of you wanting to learn freezer paper applique – this will be your chance to pick my brain and learn how to do it.

The cost is $100 to join and I am only accepting 8 members per quarter.  For those of you in the first quarter, you will need to mail me your check right away so I can send you your membership card and all of the info printed out nice and neat for you.  For future quarters, I will contact you a month prior to your quarter starting to arrange for payment and send out your info.

Once a quarter is full, you can either be on a waitlist or join in another quarter.  To join, simply send me an email to:, send me a message on Facebook or give me a call at: 425-885-1281.




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